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Workspace: 2021

Here are some views of my office / workspace circa 2021.

I spy: Macintosh SE, Can of tomato paste & Metroid II cart, Plateau Astro Sun Spotters glasses, Computer Lib, tablas, guitar pickups mounted in a wooden box, Luna & Strange Loop stickers, Foundations of Game Engine Development, 2 guitar amplifiers and 1 "meeting" amplifier

It's a small temporary space — I'm moving into a larger room next year, so that's why there's no harp or drum kit in these pictures.

I spy: 4 Game Boys, Sitar, various pipes and tubes for didgeridooing, 2 broken ("texture") guitars, floor tom (decorated for live performance), Old Overholt, various other spirits (covered with socks for surprise factor), 2 issues of On Spec, SNES & N64 hits (and a few misses), a few hundred feet of XLR & TRS cables, sheet music, art portfolio, Santana's Abraxas on reel-to-reel, some instrument in a case that I don't remember what it is — yes this is a real problem I have

A lot of folks' rooms look like they want to live in Dwell magazine, or IKEA. You know, with a real floor and bookshelves and shit. No thank you — I want to live inside a dusty curio shop where in the evenings a gypsy-punk band hosts all-ages shows. Again.

I spy: cowbells, vibraslap, autoharp, sleigh bells, tambourine, plastic duck beak that quacks, triangle, alto melodica, pan flute, "death" rattle, thumb piano, benji, drum sticks and mallets, 3.5" floppy, shakers, singing bowl, ball whisks, a dozen-ish recorders and whistles, various pieces from other instruments

I lied about not having bookshelves. There's just no room for books on them.

I spy: train whistle, various bird calls and whistles, nose flute, rosin, siren whistle, capos, trumpet valve grease, EBow, harmonicas, and a little spherical projection of me.