The Ivan Reese, by type or time.
Visual Programming Codex

I’ve long been fond of visual programming languages. In my early years, I spent hours with HyperCard and HyperStudio, drag-and-drop game making tools, and various 3D graphics and VFX packages. At University, I took a class on Max/MSP and picked up Pure Data, then put those skills to use for a series of sound art performances.

I work as a programmer, writing textual code. But I yearn for more visual approaches to programming. I’d love to work professionally in a spatial programming tool, with color and animation and icons to express meaning.

So I made a GitHub repo called the Visual Programming Codex to collect all the beautiful and weird and inspiring and ancient approaches to programming that stretch beyond the confines of text.

It’s been quite warmly received by the broader community, which is lovely.

Soon, I’m hoping to rebuild it as a proper microsite, since the repo format doesn’t fit what I’d like this resource to become.

If you find it helpful, let me know! If you find something I haven’t included, open an issue!