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Sneaky Dances

An album I started in spring of 2014. A few of the songs are indeed sneaky fun. I consider this album about.. 30% done. Some songs are fully realized, others are just sketches.

Will the album ever be finished? Who knows. Can you hear some of it now? Caveat emptor. If you are going to listen — and I neither suggest that you do nor don't — note that Will-O-Wisp is one of my most cherished creations. Here, I'll spare you the download:


This giant image scrolls horizontally. This room is where I recorded all the songs that don't have "Jam" in the title.
The image was dithered by the beautiful HyperDither. That algorithm makes me ache for the HyperCard of my childhood — thanks, Bill Atkinson.

Finally, here's a video by my dear Trevor Kjorlien, in which he fulfills his annual Halloween box-costume tradition with aplomb, to the tune of This Song Isn't About Anything.