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Artwork by Dione McGuire

A five artists, one designer, and one programmer flailed around in a small room for 48 hours, and emerged with an experiential sonic puzzle game for Global Game Jam 2013.


130mb. For Mac (.app) and Windows (.exe). The game takes about 5 minutes to play through. If you have any technical trouble, check the Readme.

Refract on the GGJ Site (Archived) | Presentation Video | Indiestatik Review (Archived)

I coded the game engine, and contributed a lot to the design of the gameplay, and lead the group in some improvised music and sound effect exercises. The game is more like an interactive art gallery than a traditional game, but there are puzzles to solve and narrative threads to string together.

My thanks to Dione McGuire, Elizabeth Wright, Tom Sarsons, Melvin Kwan, Sarah Ahmed, and Louis Ducsharm for the wonderful weekend.