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Quadrate Honey & The Baleen Mysterians

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QH&TBM started off with someone editing the wikipedia page about my band, adding a new album to our discography that didn't yet exist. I think it was Lucas, but.. yeah, who knows. I didn't-wasn't-couldn't create wiki-drama by reverting or flagging the edit — much easier to just make an album with that name.

And so it was that I decided to use the name for the third Dedication Album. This one goes out to Genre Slur, even though Kiri assured me that he despises this sort of music.


Friend of the show Trevor Kjorlien used the first track as background radiation in his 2014 Halloween box-costume time-lapse video. Kaboom!

He did a write-up about it, which I will also direct your attention to. He's a charming writer.


Recording these ball whisks up close, plucked. For bass.

The album was sold as a USB key, wrapped with antique photo, stuffed with a feather from my pillow.