The slow loading of Ivan Reese, by type or time.
NYC/London A95

As a fresh college dropout with only the vaguest sense of purpose in life, I filled my days with Morrowind, making weirdo music with high friends in places, and bouncing between a handful of mutually-destructive relationships.

My hero of a father provided several excellent jolts of stimulation that helped me maintain a sense of wonder and excitement about the world. He paid me actual money (a scarce comodity) to play almost music. And he invited me to accompany him on several of his world travels.

As usual for the era, I brought the two items that accompanied me everywhere: a sketchbook, and my treasured point-and-shoot digital camera, the Canon PowerShot A95. The sketchbook was ultimately forgotten in a restaurant, but the photos survived.


Long Exposure Photos of the Moon

I'd later use these scribbles to compose melodies.


Ivan Was Bored And Took 14 Pictures Of Himself (Subset)