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I like to make the occasional mashup — video in particular. These silly little diversions are a lovely break from more serious work, and let me stretch some editing muscles that otherwise don’t see much action.

I came up in the early web multimedia era of Youtube poop and eBaum’s World. But I grew up in a culture of strict reverence for artistic integrity, a sort of high-brow looking down one’s nose at anything “unoriginal”. So it took me a good while (and a healthy dose of Kirby Ferguson) to feel okay sharing works of culture like these mashups.

So here you go!

Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas is You and Battles’ Atlas both share a particular triplet feel. I spent about a week with them rattling around together in my head before I finally sat down to bash out this edit. The video is meant to be hypnagogic, and the music is meant to be irresistibly danceable. Play it loud!

Erlang: The Movie is miserably dry, despite the occasional dollop of retro charm. Joe Armstrong, the lovable creator of Erlang, comes across as a bit of a grump. There’s much inadvertent humour in there, but it’s buried — my “distractors cut” tries to pull that humour to the surface.

Finally, here’s something lighter — a little joke about Jimmy’s choice of commit message.