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Future of Coding Podcast

In 2020, I was given the opportunity to take over for Steve Krouse as the steward of the Future of Coding community and host of the community podcast. For a while I continued with the current format of the show, interviewing guests who had work or thoughts about the way programming and computing could be radically reimagined. Interviews proved tough to book, tough to record, and while they are a great way to grow an audience I personally don't enjoy interview-centric podcasts. So in 2022, I rebooted the podcast with a new cohost, Jimmy Miller.

In the new format, Jimmy and I read some paper or essay that is significant in the history of computing or relevant to the potential futures we're interested in exploring, and then discuss both the work itself and those potential futures. The podcast is tightly edited, funny, and weird. It's also much less of a pain in the ass for me to produce than the old interview format, so I'm really enjoying making it. It's ostensibly a monthly show, but my god is it ever a struggle to even hit that pace. Why, I'm writing these very words when I should be editing.

You can subscribe to the show or check out old episodes over on the Future of Coding website.