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This is the third (or fourth) piece of "math candy" I made in a two month span in 2009. Better than all the others in my opinion. It started off as an attempt to recreate Kiri's facebook picture, but then I decided to pursue a different angle.

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  1. Addition (Traditional)
  2. Knitting Furiously (String Theory)
  3. Aurora (Traditional)
  4. Tapeworms (Figure Skating)
  5. Sparks (Ting Noise)
  6. Invert (Invert)
  7. Spermatozoom (Har Har)
  8. Tapeworms (Synchronized Swimming)

And if you're wondering what an Eigenvector is, it's a mathematical term that basically means "The more things change, the more they stay the same". Sorta.