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Don't Do Math

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As far as I'm concerned, this is the first song I've written and recorded in nine years. Sure, there are some other tracks that are, by some technical definition (say, the ontology of this very website), a "song". But those are short, simple, and insubstantial. This new song, however, is bigger. So, it counts. The others don't.

You see, I had a 4-day weekend with the house to myself. So for the first time in nearly a decade, I set out to make another "album-in-a-weekend". And after arriving at this song, I decided to dispense with the goal of writing any more songs, and just make this one as good as I could.

Usually I'm reluctant to discuss what any of my song lyrics mean. Not this time! This song is about the pressure I feel to come up with something meaningful when creative writing. I imagine people asking, "What does it mean?" Well, this time, it means: "Stop asking."