The creative work of Ivan Reese, by type or time.

A collection of photographs, taken around the (brief) time I attended art school.

These were all shot with a dearly beloved CanonPowershot A80.

It was a consumer-grade camera, but there were three qualities that set it apart.

The LCD screen could pivot on two axes, and allowed rotations of 180 and 270 degrees respectively.

The camera offered a macro mode with a 2cm focal range (or whatever the term is).

The A80 also allowed for some excellent white-balance abuse, pushing the images into a delightfully lo-fi digital aesthetic that's at the core of my heart.

Combined, these feats meant I could get within 2cm of something weird, and line up an interesting shot from nearly any angle.

I've never used any other camera that so closely suited my eternal desire to make richly tactile abstract images.

After the A80, I upgraded to an A95. It was identical in nearly every way, but offered a higher resolution. I would have taken that camera to the grave with me, but it gave up the ghost when I was in India.