The slow loading of Ivan Reese, by type or time.
2007 Happened


Every known version of this tune about a spoon.
3D Studio Max


A smattering of artworks I made on the side, during my two triumphant years as an employed computer artist.
Leave on a Stretcher


In an alternate reality where Ganglion was a black drone noise metal band.
In An Incubator


The second Ganglion album. I like this one better than the following eight.


A cherished moment from an abandoned album.

Start of 2007

I move back to my hometown, making 3D art in the garage of a passionate founder of an education media startup. I live with my parents, who let me make as much noise as I want (though I'm too ashamed to do it around them). I carry my drum kit out onto the frozen lake for field recordings and poster art photos. I drive to the city on weekends to play shows and promote my albums and see friends.