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Ivan Reese


I'm a computer programmer and recovering performance artist from Canada. This website is an archive of playful things I've made, here for you to enjoy.

Where to start? Read on learn more about me, or dive in to the projects by type or by time. Maybe start at 2013 — it was a good year.



1986. Just barely pre-internet.


A remote forest in Alberta, Canada.


Art school dropout. Comp-sci dropout.


I'm a maker. I bleed in six colours. Let's travel together.


Tools for learning about complex machines.


Wide-eyed and weird, a maker of messes.


In my teens I self-studied 3D animation under the foolish belief that I'd enjoy a career as a computer artist. But just as art school was about to ruin my life for the wrong muse, I realized my joy was for the technology, not the imagery.

I flipped my career inside-out, and became a professional art computerist, if you will. The work on this website was found along the path of that pursuit: concept games, theoretical music, glitch art, and their mutant offspring.


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