The creative work of Ivan Reese, by type or time.
Time Immemorial★ ACAD A80 Photographs taken around the time I attended art school. Captured with my beloved Canon PowerShot A80. ★ Outside A80 A collection of photographs, taken around the time I graduated from high school and throughout the following year of chaos as I dropped out of college.

The First Half of 2004

Graduated from high school.

Painting Learning how to paint, digitally and physically. Photomanipulation Learning how to Photoshop. Blowing Up The School An animation of my school blowing up. For credit. Product 609 One of my first 3D animations. Bryce 3D Early 3D experiments in this landscape-oriented software. Some real "refrigerator art" here, oh boy.

Summer, 1998

My family bought our second computer: a G3 All-In-One — the infamous "Molar" Mac.

We subscribed to MacAddict, and I started playing with graphics applications on the bundled CD-ROMs.


My family bought our first computer: a used Macintosh Plus.

I started making interactive games and animations with HyperCard.