The creative work of Ivan Reese, by type or time.
2013A/D This was the final performance I gave at Soundasaurus. Brain Scrubber For Halloween, I made an interactive graphic where you can explore the inside of my head. +15 Installation A year-long audio installation in the Arts Commons center for performing arts. Height A glitchy-low-budget-horror self-portrait-as-web-page. I'm A Frayed Knot A (rough) pun of a tune. ★★ Err The last dedication album. My best album, IMHO. ★★ Organs A ghost gave me permanent hearing loss. Quadrate Honey & the Baleen Mysterians The third Dedication Album, for a luminous light that flickers like a moth when it shines on me. ★ Pizza Face For Color Month, I wanted to do something a bit absurd. ★ Refract We made some experimental sonic puzzle Global Game jam. Delicious.